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Facilities Management

Our range of facilities management and maintenance services support our customers to look after and manage both the physical aspects (hard services) as well as the routine maintenance (soft services) of their building/s

Fully accredited to a number of recognised industry bodies, our team helps ensure that our customers remain legally compliant and that they benefit from valuable cost-savings and efficiencies. Not only that, but our services provide our customers with ultimate peace of mind that their property needs are in the very safest of hands at all times

Soft Services

External and Internal Cleaning

Including window cleaning and pressure washing

Site Security

Protection of property from
unauthorised access and threats   

Ground Maintenance

Including grass cutting and rubbish removal

Pest Control

Including removal and decontamination

Environment and Hygiene

Including recycling and waste disposal

Health and Safety

Ensuring a safe and healthy
environment for everyone

Hard Services

Mechanical and Electrical

Installation and maintenance of
mechanical and electrical systerns

Fire Safety System

Installation and inspection of fire
detection and suppression systems

Gas Maintenance

Service and upkeep
of gas appliances and pipelines

Carpentry, Masonry and Painting

Construction, repair, and
finishing of wood stone, and surfaces

Air-Conditioning System

installation and maintenance
of air conditioning units

HVAC System

Heating, ventilation, and air
conditioning system services

Wastewater and Plumbing

Management of plumbing and
wastewater treatment systems

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